Best Welding Helmet 2021 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

We’re thrilled to share this guide highlighting the best welding helmet 2021. We recognize that selecting from a wide range of options is a challenge because each welding helmet has a unique set of features and qualities.

best welding helmet

For example, some may be enough for performing basic welding jobs while others for a more advanced and professional welding task. And if it is your first time to buy this type of safety gear, you should be extra wise in selecting this safety equipment to get more value of your investment and use the right helmet to help you perform the job easier and faster.

For this reason, we’ve decided to help you pick the right welding helmet with functions, such as auto darkening and different shade options, so you can get your welding job done easier and faster.

We’re also discussing a quick guide in choosing the right welding helmet and answering the most common questions related the safety equipment.

Review Of The Best Welding Helmet 2021

  1.  3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100
  2.  Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series
  3.  Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Code Red Welding Helmet
  4.  Miller Electric Digital Elite Welding Helmet
  5.  Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Welding Helmet

In the following, we’re listing and reviewing the top welding helmets in the category so that you can save time in comparing your options. We’re highlighting only the well reviewed welding helmets chosen by professional welders worldwide. We make sure you don’t miss the best of the best on the market right now.





1. 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet


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2. Welding Helmet, Black,
3350 Series


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3. Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350


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4. Miller Electric Digital Elite
Welding Helmet


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5. Jackson Safety 46131 Insight
Welding Helmet


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Top 10 Best Welding Helmets 2021

1. 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

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The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 is a top contender for the best welding helmet on the market for certain reasons. The model 06-0100-30SW is an excellent welding helmet in the category for its top features, including an extra large size helmet, which is suitable for most types of users.

Fast responding auto darkening filter

This welding helmet is also great for its Auto-Darkening Filter 9100XX that makes the job easier. There is no tough job if you have the 9100 with you.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet has the auto darkening filter that can respond to only 0.1 milliseconds. The filter can also alert us if there is a welding arc, automatically darkening if it is the case.

Windows with filter

The 9100 is also safe to use, making our work faster because we don’t have to adjust the welding helmet at all. And if you’re worried about UV rays and infrared radiation, you should not worry with the welding helmet because it can protect you and your eyes from this radiation.

This product also has a window on every side, increasing your peripheral view. But that is not all, as these windows also have filter that can be adjusted in five ways in order to darken or lighten every side.

  • Excellently large windows
  • Long battery life
  • Specially shaped like the human head
  • Infrared and UV rays protection
  • Without solar power cell
For our full review of the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 follow this link.

2. Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series

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The welding helmet 3350 Series is a topnotch gear for welding works because it has the solid features and performance that makes it a great value for our money.

Large viewing window

The Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Welding Helmet can also be considered as the best welding helmet for many reasons. I recommend it for welders that want to see well so that they can accomplish their task faster, too. The welding helmet has a larger window than most on the market do.

Rated for high quality lens

One of the things that make the VIKING 3350 a great choice than the rest of the helmets out there is its high 1/1/1/1 optical rating. Its cartridge is tested in four categories – clarity degree, distortion extent, viewing angle consistency and shade uniformity. After the test, this product is rated at these scores – the highest for each category.

Rapid switching time

For welders who work for long hours a day, you will also love the welding helmet because it has rapid switching time, minimizing eyestrain.

In addition, this model comes with a delay control, sensitivity control and internal shade control. It also has four arc sensors, automatically flickering if there is obstruction detected.

  • 1/1/1/1 optical clarity
  • Auto test button
  • Hardhat compatible
  • Four sensors
  • Rapid switching time
  • Heavy
  • A bit expensive
For our full Lincoln Electric 3350 Series Code Black review.

3. Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Code Red Welding Helmet

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The Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Code Red Welding Helmet is one of the most innovative helmets in the category because of its solid performance and heavy-duty quality. In the following are some of the things that make the VIKING 3350 a great contender.

4C Lens Technology

This welding helmet comes with the 4C lens technology. How does it work? It will let you view clearly and more especially when trying to use the active/inactive state or the grind setting.

Lenses and better movement

This model includes all the lenses along with a bandana, which is wearable under it if you desire so. I also noticed that it is a pivoting helmet, allowing you to move freely when wearing it, moving as you do.

Lightweight and easy to use

If you’re working, the last thing you would want is a heavy helmet. It will not just be a bother to wear and move around but it can also be frustrating to focus on the job with it. You don’t have to worry about that by wearing the welding helmet that gives you more freedom to move without any hassles.

More so, it has straps and padded areas, adding to the ease of use it has to offer you with all the time you’re working.

  • Pivoting style
  • Wide viewing window
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 4C lens technology
  • Modifiable sensitivity settings
  • A bit expensive
  • Might take a little getting used to
4. Miller Electric Digital Elite Welding Helmet

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If you’re searching for a reliable welding helmet and trying to find the best auto darkening welding helmet, you might want to check out the Miller Electric digital welding helmet. It is packed with super features that will make you appreciate it.


This welding helmet is only 1.13 lbs, which is one of the most lightweight helmets on the market now. Using it, you will be able to focus on your tasks better than wearing a heavier helmet.

Being lightweight, you will be able to move with more freedom and without feeling any frustration for wearing a heavy welding helmet. And with such lightweight design and construction, you will finish your work easier and faster.

Large viewing area and digital operation

This model can also offer you with a better peripheral view because it is large to see clearly and enough when working. You will also save energy and time using it because it is a digital model that makes you job more straightforward.

Hours of power

It includes lithium batteries that will give you much needed power to see well even if the weather is cloudy.

  • Auto darkening mode
  • Lens covers included
  • Excellent clarity
  • Magnifying lens holder
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Needs turning occasionally
  • A bit expensive
5. Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Welding Helmet

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The Jackson Safety 46131 is another top pick not to miss when comparing your options for the top welding helmets to last longer than other options on the market are. It has the superb performance that makes it a perfect choice for welders who want to get their job done fast.

Auto darkening

It is designed and engineered with the ADF filter that lets us see clear even at various welding environments. This automatic feature allows us to work faster because it has the ability of controlling the lens’ shade without us manually doing it.

Automatic adjustments

Another thing that makes the welding helmet one of the best picks around is that it comes with different adjustments, automatically changing the shade based on the ambient lighting sources.

Grind/.weld modes and versatility

It also offers us with versatile options that can give us the freedom to select the mode appropriate for our needs.

Speaking of more versatility, this model is also compatible with the HSL 100 and HLX 100 shells, giving us more value for our investment.

  • Automatic adjustments
  • Digital controls
  • Delay adjustments
  • 4 dimming sensors
  • CSA compliant
  • A bit heavy
Read our full Jackson 46131 review.

6. Esab SENTINEL Auto Darkening A50 Welding Helmet

Upon scouring the web for the best auto darkening welding helmet, I found another great choice in this category. The ESAB Sentinel A50 is a top-rated welding helmet for people who want to get the job done without any hassle.

Innovative design

The Esab SENTINEL A50 has a high tech design. This model has a reflective cover lens, which gives it that really comfortable wear. I also would like to note that it has an innovative shell, which looks unique and trendy.

Excellent performance

No matter the kind of welding job, you can have peace of mind if you have the SENTINEL A50 with you. Its shade has a good range of between 5 and 13, allowing you to choose which one is suitable based on the ambient lighting conditions of where you’re working.

The model also has an amperage rating of less than two amps, too, making it one of the best in energy saving. I also noticed that it has an external grind mode, offering us with ease of use when it comes to switching from welding to grind mode.

Easy to replace cover lens

Another thing that makes it a top contender is that we can replace the cover lens within 10 seconds, and that is a really helpful feature. With it, we don’t need to remove the helmet.

  • Easily replaceable cover lens
  • Energy saving
  • Nice design
  • Good range 5-13
  • Lens could get scratched
To read our full review of the ESAB Sentinel A50 follow this link.
7. Tanox Pro Digital Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Are you looking for the best budget welding helmet? If so, don’t think twice but choose the Tanox Pro digital auto darkening welding helmet. It is a feature-rich welding helmet that suits all types of welders, hobbyists and construction workers.

Large viewing area and auto darkening

The Tanox Pro Digital Welding Helmet is an auto-darkening helmet that also has a large viewing area of 3.86″X2.4″. Wearing it, you can see better and clearly. You can use it whether you’re working in the food and beverage, automotive, manufacturing, heavy infrastructure, metal production and fabrication and so much more.

Ease of work and safety

The Tanox Pro Digital welding helmet is for people that want to make use of a safe and easy to use helmet. It will perform daily and give you long-lasting use.

This welding helmet is multifunctional and versatile to work for different welding and intense applications. You can select from the different modes, including cut, grind and weld for various applications.


It also comes with a pair of welding gloves, spare lens and helmet carrying bag.

  • Easy to use and safe
  • Free gloves and carrying bag
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Versatile for welding jobs
  • A bit bulky
8. Jackson Safety TrueSight II Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety TrueSight II 46118 is another top contender for the finest welding helmets because it comes with top technology. It is ideal for construction workers, hobbyists and welder who want to make use of a good working helmet that can offer plenty of benefits.

Balder technology

It is one of the reasons that Jackson welding helmets are some of the best in the business. This technology refers to the top feature of Jackson helmets. Balder manufactures auto darkening welding filter that is effective and fast.

High ratings

I liked that this helmet has a rating of 1/1/1/1 vision. It only means that it passed the top standards when it comes to clarity of the lens and less distortion extent. This rating is the highest of all and only proves that the optical of the welding helmet is top quality.

So if you’re looking for value for your money, you might want to take a look at this helmet that gives you heavy-duty use. Its film optical filters can also make the helmet responsive when needed.

Variable shades and modes

It has variable shades from 5-8 and 9-13 that makes the welding helmet suitable for many types of welding jobs. In addition to this, the model also has different modes, including torch, grind and weld.

  • Quality optical
  • Responsive when needed
  • Balder technology
  • Consistent clarity
  • Pricey
9. Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet

The Hobart 770756 is another great pick when it comes to auto darkening helmets to protect your eyes and make your work easier and faster. Using it, you can be sure that you can weld for many hours without any hassles and with full safety.

I liked the performance of this auto dark helmet because it is able to help us accomplish the job faster because it can respond and make the model dark in milliseconds after detecting a flash or an arch.

Impact resistant and durable helmet

Another thing I would like to mention is that the helmet is designed and made with an impact-resistant shell, which can protect our faces and head. This model also has a grind mode along with a shut off mode, allowing it to shut off almost instantly.

Variable shades and excellent performance

I’d also like to note that the model has three light shades along with a variable shade ranging from 8-11. It only means that we can use the welding on different welding job applications.

It also has a large viewing area, measuring 7.05 sq inches, ensuring we can view the total area, which is in front of us either when in an inactive and active mode.

  • Good shade range 8-13
  • Grind and weld mode available
  • Large viewing window
  • Three different arc sensors
  • Adjustable settings
  • Uneasy to pop on and off lens cover frame
To read our full review of the Hobart 770756 follow this link.
10. Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Instapark ADF Series GX990T should not be missed out when finding the best welding helmets. It has many great features that make it an excellent choice for many types of welders. So whatever the welding job, you can rely on it.

Unique design and solid performance

One of the things I liked about the welding helmet is its skull on top of it along with flames wrapping around it. This design is making use of darker shades of black and blue.

More so, it has four sensors that make it effective when it comes to detecting flashes and arcs. This model also has the ability to darken its filter in order to ensure that the flashes will keep your eyes safe.

Energy saving

This model is a solar one. It only means that it can save energy. In addition to that, it can absorb the light from the sun along with the light it can capture when you’re working. In this case, it can ensure that you will have power supply continuously, no matter you’re working outdoors or indoors.

  • Solar powered
  • Impact resistant outer shell
  • Nice shade range
  • Can respond in 1/30,000
  • Ideal for working indoors/outdoors
  • A bit bulky

Welding Helmet: Advantages and Disadvantages

Upon reading the reviews of the top welding helmets on the market, you might also want to know what the pros and cons of this work safety gear are. So if you’re ready, let’s begin.


Auto darkening: If you’re going for the innovative auto darkening models on the market, you can take advantage of its ability to adjust the shade of the lens depending on what is needed.

For example, it can sit between 3 and 4. On the other hand, the lens becomes activated if you would hit an arc. When this happens, the shade will change from a range between 8-13 according to the sensitivity settings and the helmet.

Stable positioning: Another advantage of welding helmets, especially the auto darkening models, is it does not require you to remove or take the helmet on/off, so it only means it can stay in position while also being able to set the weld even if you’re wearing the hood. With that, you also save so much time because you don’t have to reposition as well as prevent injuries of your neck due to head movement.

Shade options: If you’re going for the auto shading helmets, you can find them in many shades, which have the ability to adapt to the light. You must go for a customized helmet if you want this type of welding helmet.

Size: Another pro of using a welding helmet is that it has the mask that can decide how much we can see while working. Most commonly, the size is nine inches.


Fixed shade ADF: A downside for welding helmets is its fixed shade ADFs, which can limit the adjustment of the lens. When this happens, you need to use the shade number 10 ideally when there is an active arc, or 3 or 4 if inactive.

This disadvantage can limit you from working using other welding methods, each requiring lens shades. On the other hand, you can solve this issue if you’d use a welding helmet with varying auto-darkening shades that let you work on various welding jobs.

Expensive: There is no doubt that some welding helmets are expensive especially auto darkening models, which are costlier than passive models are.

Power: Some also need batteries to work, but then they might run out of power in the middle of work at times.

Weight: A few of the auto darkening helmets are also bulkier and bigger than ordinary welding helmets, such as passive types are. However, this is obvious because of the battery, the features and the controls.

Top Welding Helmet Brands

When looking for the best welding helmet, you should also consider the brands. Some of them have already built a solid reputation in the welding industry.

They’re also chosen by not only professional welders but also hobbyists, amateur welders, construction workers and other people across fields looking for a reliable welding helmet that will last and will let them take advantage of the features.


Hobart has been around for years and since then has continued to offer both value and quality to their consumers worldwide. The brand combines style with safety, so their welding helmets are often considered a few of the best in the category.

Their helmets are packed with features, including excellent eye protection and LCD lens technology. If you want a dependable brand, you should definitely consider Hobart.

Jackson Safety

It is another reliable name within the industry. Through the years, it has kept its commitment to offering only the finest welding gears and accessories to its consumers worldwide. So if you want a reliable and durable welding helmet, you should take a second look at one of the welding helmet models of Jackson. It is one of the brands offering high specification welding helmets that will help you perform the job.

Lincoln Electric

It is another top brand for welding helmets that you should consider if you want to get the most of your spending for this safety headgear. Lincoln Electric is a global and multinational welding product maker.

They manufacture welding consumables, welding equipment, robotic welding systems and oxy-fuel and plasma cutting equipment. It is a Fortune 100 company with a headquarters in Ohio, United States., but it has a global distributor and sales network in the North America, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

3M Speedglas

One of the unique features of the welding helmets from this brand is reliability and protection. It is the go-to brand of professionals who want to get the most value of their money.

It is a brand depended for its quality and performance. They are known for being one of the finest in class optics. When selecting a welding helmet, you might want to take a look at 3M Speedglas that is reliable brand for quality, performance and durability.


It can offer some of the finest welding helmets, including passive and auto darkening models. They are known for features, such as X-mode, ClearLight and InfoTrack.

Through the years, it has committed to provide valuable and innovative products that their consumers can rely on all the time. The brand is one of the best in terms of welding equipment in the world.

How to Choose the Best Welding Helmets

The best welding helmet is one of the most essential work equipment in welding for health and safety especially of the eyes and face. For this reason, choosing a welding helmet should not be taken lightly.

Do not take shortcuts, but be sure to weigh your options well to find the right one to match your needs and help you perform your job easier and faster. In the following, let us take a look at some of the most important features to check when comparing your options for the best results.


Ideally, good helmets have four sensors that are enough to capture flashes while welding from different angles. On the other hand, you can find helmets with two sensors that can be enough if you are not working from a variety of angles or working only for regular positions.

However, they’re insufficient to catch all flashes when welding from another position. So at the very least, getting a welding helmet with four sensors can be an ideal choice if you’re a welder working at a wide range of positions, such as when working in a place where an obstruction or a pipe is blocking a sensor from capturing a flash. Without even saying, a four-sensor helmet is better for protection and safety.

Shade options

There are more to do with a welding helmet if it has more shade options. For example, welders cutting or grinding metal commonly use a shade between 9 and 13. But then, there are welding helmets coming with a 6-13 shade, allowing you to keep working without switching off the helmet

So without even saying, a range of 9-13 can be enough if you don’t do many welding works. However, you should go for one with a wider option range because it can let you get more jobs done. It is also more convenient to use, allowing you to accomplish more using only one helmet.

It is also important to note that the shade of the lens can protect your eyes from the bright flashes when working. For this reason, professional welders go for auto-darkening helmets offering a wider range of shades. These helmets are also perfect for protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.


A lighter model should weigh about 20 ounces. Such can save your neck from fatigue and pain versus wearing a heavier welding helmet particularly if you work for many hours. If you’re working only for hobbies or side projects, then you might not have an issue choosing a slightly heavier welding helmet.

Power source

What is the power source of the helmet? Some helmets have irreplaceable power source, which is why you need to take a look at it when selecting your welding helmet. When choosing a welding helmet, you should check that it could offer you with a power source you could replace.

A few common power sources for welding helmets include solar panels, batteries or both. As a tip, you might want to check out a model that can use a solar power source. It can extend the battery life especially if you’re using them together.

If choosing a model running on battery alone, you must take note that you might have to replace it often if using the welding helmet frequently. Many professional welders choose models having the combination of batteries and solar power.

There you have some of the things to look into when shopping around for a welding helmet. Again, you should check for power source, weight, sensors and shade options. Be able to study and weigh your options so that you can make use of the right welding helmet to help you accomplish the job faster and easier.

Welding Helmet FAQs

Perhaps, you’re also confused on which welding helmet to choose because you have certain questions in mind that you need answers for enlightenment. So in addition to welding helmet reviews, you must also check out some answers to the most common questions about a welding helmet. Let’s start here.

Which welding helmet should you choose?

There are many welding helmets on the market. One of the most chosen for convenience, performance and quality is the auto-darkening welding helmet.

Professional welders choose it for a wider shade options, allowing them to perform different welding jobs without changing or taking of their helmets. If you’re looking for a more convenient and less hassle to use welding helmet, you might want to go for the option that makes the process easier and faster than cheap helmets can.

Other considerations to look into when finding the right welding helmet are the power source, viewing area, weight and size. And in general, you must pick one most suitable for your needs.

What’s an auto-darkening welding helmet?

This welding helmet is known for its innovative lens designed and made with filters and liquid crystals. It has the ability to make the darkening process automatic in accordance to the settings you have chosen. At the very least, these welding helmets will let you adjust the sensitivity, the shade and the delay settings on welding helmet.

Why pro welders choose auto-darkening welding helmets?

There are many reasons they choose this welding helmet. For one, these welding helmets can let users see their working area clearly but without flipping the helmet. It only means that these helmets can prevent any arc radiation automatically, protecting the eyes, which are very delicate, when welding.

More so, this type of welding helmet lets them adjust their preferences or settings in order to adapt to a wide range of welding jobs. For this reason, these auto-darkening models are selected not only for eye protection and safety but also for versatility.

These innovative helmets also let them continue their jobs without flipping the lens versus non-auto-darkening types that can lead to annoyance because they can waste time on flipping up and down.

What lens size is ideal on a welding helmet?

Many helmets available now are with dimensions of 3.5 and 1.75 inches (length and height). It is considered enough for an ordinary welding job. But then, you might want to consider a larger one if you are working to do car welding jobs, ideally one measuring 3.5 x 2.5 inches, offering you a larger view and making the job easier.

If I have to replace the battery, when should I do it?

It’s not easy to determine the life of the battery because it is based on how long you’re using it. Battery life can also be affected by other things like the features it has, such as solar power cells.

So if you’d get a welding helmet that can run on either option, you might be able to save battery life. And if you’re working outdoors, the solar cells are going to facilitate the darkening of the lens. But if the welding helmet’s lens is not working as they are supposed to, you might want to consider battery replacement.

You just have to buy online or from a local supplies store to replace the battery. Commonly, a good battery will be able to work for at least three years if used constantly.

Can I use the welding helmet for grinding?

Yes, there are welding helmets to use for grinding if they offer the grinding mode or option, which can be useful if you’re using an angle grinder. So if you’re planning to use the welding helmet for grinding, you should look for this feature. Also, it must be specific for the job requirements to do, ensuring you’re meeting your needs.

Can I buy replacement parts for lenses and protectors?

Yes, you can buy replacement part for both. You will find them in welding supplies store that sells parts for different models and brands. When trying to buy a replacement part, you should take that part to replace with you to find the right one.

Keep these things in mind to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best welding helmets to know what to expect and how to use your new helmet.


Finding the right helmet is a challenge because there are so many options to find online, each with distinct features.

So as a general advice, pick a welding helmet that has the characteristics and functions that will help you get your job done easier and faster.

For example, if you’re looking for a welding helmet that is more versatile, you might want to go for an auto-darkening helmet that has varying shade options.

Finally, you should determine your needs, budget and types of welding jobs you do, among other things you deem important when selecting a good welding helmet. Buy the best budget welding helmet today!

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