3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 Review

Adequate protection is essential when you are dealing and handling bright and scorching hot flame. Getting burned is not an option, but you also must make sure that your protective gear choice will not hinder you from doing efficient work. You also don’t want to end your workday exhausted with eyes that feel like on fire.

It would help if you had a welding helmet that can adequately protect you while still being scalable to your various tasks. It should be the welding helmet for all sorts of jobs, may it be TIG, flux core, or a combination of both. For professional welding work, the best welding helmet is 3M Speedglas.

Best Features

Design and overall built – you’ll feel like you’re not wearing any helmet at all with this gear, and this is not an exaggeration at all. The headband is designed to snugly and comfortably fit heads with a diameter of 19.5 inches to 25.5 inches. While wearing the helmet, it gives you that even pivot action. You can move up, look down without having to adjust. You can also lock it in a higher position if preferred.

3M is a brand favorite because, like most of its welding helmets, they’ve incorporated exhaust vents to minimize heat, humidity, and fog. This helps with your performance and overall comfort. You can wear this helmet for an extended period but won’t feel exhausted with it.

This 3M 9100 series is made with a display with a dimension of 1.8 by a 3.7-inch view, giving you a display area of 6 square inches. This broad field of vision will allow lesser obstructions when you are welding while at the same time giving you the utmost protection. The top feature of its design is its side windows. You still have a good view of your surrounding while wearing the helmet, so you won’t feel like working inside a tunnel.

Battery Life – the 3M comes with a battery that gives you 2,800 operating hours. This battery is more than enough to last you the whole year if you work 40 hours per week with a welding torch. If you just occasionally tinker with it to make repairs or create new fixtures, then you have more than enough hours to last you for a couple of years.

This might sound a little overstated, but the reason behind this is the helmet’s battery is CR2030 and not the usual single battery cell. Should you need to replace its battery, you won’t have any problems getting one, and it is also relatively affordable.

Response Time – arguably, the 3M 9100 has one of the best response times compared to other helmets on the market today. The 3M’s screen is put together around a pair of three feelers. These sensors activate an auto-darkening filter when there is a bright light. This allows you to continue with your work because the helmet provides you with continuous clarity. You don’t need to stop and gear up with another helmet and what’s more, is the lenses can go from light to dim then to dark in just 0.10 milliseconds. The filter’s response time going back to light is equally as fast, so you won’t even notice what the helmet is doing for you.

Things to Know

Overall, this is one of the most comfortable and efficient helmets you can use for welding. But as far as its overall appearances go, there is nothing unique about it. It follows the standard black and grey that looks solid and reliable. It is a generic-looking welding gear.

Although the helmet’s size can be adjusted, workers with an unusual head size may need to find another more suitable and more comfortable helmet to use. Its one-size-fits-all design is not 100% inclusive of the population.

Best Comparison

The 3M’s 9100 Speedglas Welding Helmet is a smart choice, but it is not the only option you have. The Welding Helmet, Black, Viking 3350 Series from Lincoln Electric is equally promising and reliable.

For those who are avid-fans of fixed shade gold filters, this is considered the helmet god with the clearest lens. This model also boasts an auto-darkening lens to allow you to see the weld puddle.

If you want clear visibility on color variation and see into the puddle, then 3350 is your better choice. Just like 3M’s 9100, this welding helmet also has a broad peripheral view allowing you to be more accurate in your work. It is equally lightweight, so it is comfortable to use for hours.

The Viking uses a CR-2450 battery, which can be purchased as quickly and the response time is instantaneous. The controls are user-friendly too.


The 3M 9100 welding helmet will indeed cause you more than a couple of hundred dollars, but as they say, quality doesn’t come cheap. If welding is a regular part of your daily hours, then this is the kind of helmet you need to invest in.

Yes, it would be practical to compare other models and brands, but as far as reliability and functionality are concerned, you can’t get a better deal but with a 3M product. The brand alone will give you the confidence to get something substantial and 100% functional. This helmet is worth your every hundred dollars.


It is undoubtedly not the best-looking helmet on the market, but looks are the least of your priorities when welding is concerned.

3M’s 9100 Welding Helmet gives you that layer of protection required when doing welding work, and with it coming with premium features, it a great choice. It allows you to perform better and have better quality outputs while at the same time keeping you comfortable.


Protection, clarity, and functionality are essential and prerequisite factors when you are in welding. You get these and more with the 3M Welding Helmet, making the ideal choice when helmet shopping.

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