Best MIG Welder 2020| Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The best MIG welder will help accomplish your welding jobs easier and faster because it has the solid performance and meets your power requirements to accomplish your tasks in no time.

Best MIG Welder

The right welder also fits your needs based on your skill level. For example, there are some welders with the basic functions intended for basic home repairs and other smaller projects; some others are for industrial applications.

Whether you’re working in a small garage or welding for industrial applications, you will find it a breeze to use the right MIG welder that has the functions and features, including thermal protection and overload protection, flux core readiness and other things you deem useful for your specific needs and requirements.

For this reason, you must be able to narrow down and weigh your options well. It is also the same exact reason we’ve put up this buying guide, highlighting the things to look for and the top picks on the market to ensure you can decide on the right welding machine for you today.

Review Of The Best MIG Welder 2020

We’ve researched and have come up with a list of the best MIG welders so that you will have an easier time to narrow down and compare your choices. In the following, we have also highlighted each of the products’ pros and cons to ensure that you will be able to weigh your options based on the features you’re looking for and requirements for your welding jobs. So if you’re ready, let’s begin.

Here are our choices:

  1. Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V
  2. Miller Electric Welder MIG/Flux Core
  4. LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder
  5. Forney Easy Weld 261 MIG Welder
  6. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V
  7. 2017 Everlast MIG140 welder

Top 7 Best MIG Welders 2020

1. Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V

The Hobart 500554 is often considered the best MIG welder by professional welders because it stands true to its promise of quality and durability of their welders. The 230V welder is packed with features that make it the top pick in the category.

Ease of use and portability

One of things that make it a top choice is that it is easy to operate. It won’t give you a hard time to get used to it even if you’re a beginner. More so, you will not find it difficult to transport this welder because it is portable. It is stylish yet compact, so even welding pros choose it.


In addition, there is nothing that the 500554 cannot handle because it is heavy-duty to accommodate any welding job. You can use it for hitches, trailer frames, tool carts, mower decks and auto body panels. It is also adaptable for use in farm equipment, metal sculpture and how racks. Finally, you can also use it to weld most types of metal for wielding including aluminum, mild steel, weld flux core steel and stainless steel.


The Hobart 500554 can also be used to weld a 24-gauge up to 5/16 inches steel. It can also run at 230 V, or alternatively at 115V with its changeable plug.

  • Comes with 7V selection
  • Quick select drive roll
  • Safety short circuit protection
  • Built-in contractor
  • Includes door chart with default settings
  • Requires 230 V receptacle
2. Miller Electric Welder

Another welder not to miss when choosing an MIG welder is the Millermatic 141 for its solid and compact features that make it a great pick among the finest welders on the market.

Adjustable settings

The Millermatic MIG welder is a top-rated welder for its auto set function, smartly setting the welder to its correct parameters. You can also use its manual settings so that you can flexibly weld. I also liked that it comes with a fast to select drive roll, making it very easy to adjust and choose among its three grooves. If you want a quick setup , you can choose the auto set mode, which can also protect your welder versus issues like short circuit.


I also would like to note that the Millermatic 141 is dependable to handle a wide range of materials with at most 3/16 inches. It also has a 140 A max power output, making it one of the best when it comes to an excellent power. I’d also like to note that this model is offering an angled aluminum drive system, adding to its flexibility and functionality.


You’ll also appreciate that it is handheld portable for bringing and working anywhere. It will not give you any headache whenever you have to transfer from one place to another to work.

    • Auto setup
    • Manual mode
    • Quick select drive rol


  • Smooth start function
  • Auto spool gun detection
  • A bit expensive
  • Requires a spool gun if welding aluminum

Comparing among the best MIG welder, you might want to take a second look at the INCOLN ELECTRIC CO K2697-1 that is easy to operate and versatile to work on any welding jobs.


You can also use it easily even if you’re a beginner in using welding machines. The knobs are quickly accessible and all the settings are easy to find on the interface. In addition, this model can be used anywhere. It is portable and can be used to weld anywhere.

Easy set up

I also liked that it is easy to assemble for gasless-flux welding jobs and for thick steel deep penetration. More so, you can use it for gas-shielded MIG welding on at thin gauge steel, such as aluminum or stainless.


The Easy MIG 140 wire feed welder is one of the best in terms of versatility because it can be used on many types of steel. This model also has flux and MIG capabilities, giving you a great value for your money. You will also like that you can easily use it with spool gun for aluminum welding.

  • 120V input power
  • MIG and flex welding capabilities
  • Ready for use anywhere
  • Easy to set up
  • Thick steel welding allowed
  • Might not be for large welding jobs
4. LOTOS MIG175 MIG Welder

The LOTOS MIG175 is one of the best MIG welders on the market because of its solid and compact features. The best MIG welder for home use is a top-rated product in its category because it is durable and high quality.


If you’re looking for a versatile welder, you might want the LOTOS MIG175 because it is versatile to weld different types of metal, including aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and other metals, small or large gauged.

You can also use it for industrial standard four or five inches wire spools, making it more versatile. The LOTOS is also a top performer because it is stable to work on any welding jobs.

Quick set up

The LOTOS MIG175 is not only versatile but also easy to set up. In fact, it is settable within 10 minutes, allowing you to weld and work on your projects without taking much time setting it up. I also noticed that it is one of those welders that is easy to assemble.


This product is also made more durable for its safety feature. It is engineered with an overload protection.


Another thing to like about the LOTOS MIG175 is that it can be operated at 200 to 240 V of power. You can also rely on its auto dual frequency, making it more functional and powerful to work on your welding jobs.

  • Two-step trigger
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Auto dual frequency
  • Spool gun ready
  • Can be noisy
5. Forney Easy Weld 261 MIG Welder

If you’re looking for a versatile and functional welder that can help you perform a welding job with ease, you should not miss the Forney Easy Weld 261. The 140 FC-i MIG Welder is loaded with the functions you will enjoy and give you an easier time to complete your job in no time.

Ease of operation

The 140 FC-I MIG machine is reliable when it comes to ease of operation. It can make use of 0.30 or 0.35 inches flux core wire. More so, I liked that it has this wire speed control and infinite voltage control, giving us an easier time to use the welder in our jobs. When it comes to ease of use, you can rely on this basic beginner welder.


If you’re looking for a mild steel welder to weld up to ¼ inches in plate, you should check out the 140 FC-I MIG machine. It is a reliable and powerful welder that can work on many welding jobs. This model can offer up to 140-amp output that you can rely on aside from being a lightweight model at only 19 lbs.


Another thing that makes it unique among all the choices is that this one is rugged to last a longer time than other models on the market are. It has an all-metal case and is large enough to accommodate up to 10 lbs rolls of wire.

  • Wire feed speed control
  • Backed by 1-year warranty
  • Torch wrap
  • All-metal case
  • Flux core welding
  • Expensive
6. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

The Hobart 500559 is another welder not to miss when looking for a great 115V machine to work on your welding projects. The Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V is loaded with solid features and top performance functions to make our jobs easier.

Rugged heavy-duty

The best MIG welder is a top machine that also offers industrial performance. It is not only suitable for household repairs but also for auto body and farm projects. It is also ideal for jobs needing additional power that you can count on.


This model can also operate at 115V with recommended 20AMP circuit. The welder ca n also give you the ability in fine tuning the arc, allowing for a stable and smooth arc and that’s on all thickness.

I also noticed that it is made with cast-aluminum drive system along with a robust work clamp. This welder also has a 5-position control for its voltage, adding stability and smoothness of operation at all welding thickness.

Nevertheless, the welder is a complete package that also offers industrial performance.

MIG ready

This model is built with durability and value. It is one of the most chosen wire feed welders, which is MIG ready, too. You don’t have to buy any additional kit to use it. Nevertheless, it is a top quality and an ideal welder both for the pros and entry-level welding workers.

  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Durable feed head
  • Quick set up guide
  • DIY projects
  • A bit expensive
7. 2017 Everlast MIG140 MIG welder 110/120 volts FLUX 140AMP

One of the best MIG welders to compare is the 2017 Everlast MIG140 MIG welder, which is a top performing and heavy-duty welding equipment that you can depend on for years. Everlast Power Equipment continues to prove itself as one of the most reliable brands for welding machines.

Power and performance

The welder is a powerful one for its 25% duty cycle rating along with ad max 140 amps output. You can have peace of mind that it can perform when you need it for your welding projects. The Everlast Power i-MIG 140E can operate efficiently and at a lower power amp draw.

Compatibility and ease of use

The MIG welder can be used with wire spools of sizes four inches and eight inches. I also noticed that this machine is so versatile that it is spool gun ready and has a drive-roll size of .023 to .035 inches.

And in terms of operation, you will also like that it offers a stepless control of both on its voltage and wire speed. Nevertheless, the Everlast PowerMIG 140E MIG is easy to operate and is ideal even for beginner hobbyists for its simple functions.

Footprint and weight

Using the MIG welder, you won’t have a hard time to carry anywhere because it is lighter in weight and has a compact size. You can pick it up and take anywhere without suffering from back pain.

  • Max output 140 amps
  • Compact footprint
  • Stepless control
  • Lighter in weight
  • 4 and 8” spools compatible
  • A bit expensive

How to Choose the Best MIG Welders

When comparing your choices for a best 110v MIG welder or any other types of welders, you should be able to determine the things to look into for a basis in your decision. For this reason, we’ve put up a buying guide for some factors to look into when choosing MIG welders. Check them out in the following.


What do you intend to use the welder for – purpose? Would you only use it for home and repairs in and around it? Are you going to use it in a small repair garage? Or, will you be using it for mostly heavy-duty welding jobs or industrial use? By understanding your needs, you will be able to find out if you need a less or more power welder for the majority of jobs for which you intend to use the welding machine.


What functions do you want your welder to have? Some pros prefer those units with flux core functions because they are more versatile. For this reason, you should decide on that if you also prefer to work with that function. Good welding brands offer MIG/Flux-Cored that you might want to choose for more applications for which you can use the welding machine.

For example, MIG welders can be used for many home repair functions, such as general repairs, auto body, ranch applications, auto body and maintenance works, among others. When choosing MIG welding machines, you should also check for auto set system, thermal overload protection and solid contractor circuits for enhanced features.

Power needs

You should also check for the power requirements you need to ensure that the welder is reliable for that. For example, you will find an MIG welder ideal for small projects running at only 115V because they’re mainly used for welding thinner metals and plates/sheets of metal. But then, this type is not ideal for welding thick metals or industrial uses.

However, if you’re looking for a better versatility, you should go for a higher-powered welder that can be used for either thinner or thicker metals. At the end of the day, it might be better to spend on a higher-powered model that is suitable for more applications, giving you more flexibility to work on many types of welding jobs.

On the market, you can also find units that can run at 230 or 120 volts. It is affordable than other models are but won’t be able to provide with as much power as industrial strength units are.

Duty cycle and thermal overload protection

Both of these can add to the durability of the welding machine. For example, one of the most common issues of welders is overheating that is damaging for the most of them and making some useless.

On the other hand, you might also have to wait a long time for the machine to cool down before you could start working again. Save yourself from the hassle. You should opt for a welder built with thermal overload protection especially if you are going to use it for a long period of time. It will help and save you from the headache of damaging or ruining your unit.

You must also check for duty cycle pertaining to the time that the machine can be operated at a specific output without going over the limits of the temperature of the parts.

For example, if the machine is having a 20% duty cycle, it means that it can work for two minutes at its output, and then it will have to cool for eight minutes. Nevertheless, you should compare this feature when weighing your options.

Weight and size

Another thing to consider when weighing your options includes weight and size of the unit that has to do with its portability. If you’re welding mostly stationary, then you might not have to worry about portability, but you should if working in mobile workshops and other places.

Other considerations

Another thing to look into when choosing an MIG welder is the thickness of the metal, wire diameter speed, shielding gas and welding position, among other things, are more considerations when choosing a welder because these things will help you in determining the voltage amount to adjust your unit and to operate while you’re welding.


The MIG welder has the functions and features you’re looking for to perform your job whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

However, there are many MIG welders to compare and choose from, each with pros and cons. For this reason, you should study your options well, and look into the welder’s size and weight, power, functionality and safety features.

For reference, you can start comparing your options based on the top picks we have listed in the reviews above. Each of them is unique, so you should try to compare and see which one is suitable for the applications for which you intend to use them.

We do hope that you can decide on the right welder that will be suitable for you based on the size of your welding project, wire size, metal thickness and other things to play a he role in helping you determine the best welding machine for you. Buy the best MIG welder today!

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