Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Welding Helmet Review

Jackson Safety is a well-loved brand, and they are known for producing the best welding helmets today. They have a lot of models under their logo, and they can be purchased conveniently online. With so many efficient Jackson Safety helmets, the decision in getting the best one can be a little tricky.

Pick the right welding helmet from Safety Helmets by setting your sights on the Insight Variable HaloX 46161 helmet. Overall, this is Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet has become a crowd favorite because of the comfort it brings, its clear vision, and its price. This is the kind of helmet that you can use the whole day without having to deal with eye strain or a sore neck.

Best Features

Built and Design – Welding is a physically tedious job. It requires steady hands that can work with precision. Your eyes would also need to be sharp so that every detail can be done with excellence.

Thanks to the Variable HaloX 46161, working all day won’t be so difficult. The helmet is lightweight at only 6 ounces, so your neck won’t give you any problems by the end of your workday.

It is comfortable to wear, and with a flexible headband, you can keep up with long hours without the risk of neck stress. The headgear is built with a 3-position slider so you can adjust the distance from your eye to the lens. The crown strap can also be adjusted so you can raise and lower the helmet accordingly with a large ratcheting dial, so you don’t need to remove your helmet when adjusting the size.

This model comes with a viewing area which makes it very easy to see all sides. You won’t feel constrained and feel like you are working inside a tunnel. As an additional bonus, you can strap this helmet to your hard hat. This is essential because some sites require this. You don’t need to pause from your work and change your welding helmet to another one.

Easy Function Modes – the HaloX boasts superb digital controls plus a welding and a grinding mode that you can switch to in a matter of seconds. When it comes to digital sensibility, you can’t go wrong with this model. The hold-up keys and other set-ups can be activated effortlessly.

In total, you will get sensitivity and delay functions and four sensors, to make sure the filter shifts from light to dark. Its fast auto-darkening features come with 9-13 adjustable shade lens.

Clarity – the HaloX’s lens is excellent in terms of transparency. Compared to other lenses, you can have a clear vision of what’s happening to your welding project. While some welding helmets have above average pre-darkening image and others a superior mid-weld vision, this helmet will give you clear vision during the whole process.

Things to Know

To keep the weight light, this helmet is made with thin shells. These shells allow your head to fit into tight spaces comfortably.

The material of the helmet may lead to some hesitations with the helmet’s reliable durability, but it shouldn’t pose any threat at all.

It is understandable though that some might not like the thin shell that it is made. Otherwise, there are no other glaring things that will stop you from purchasing this welding helmet.

Best Comparison

The Insight Variable HaloX 46161 helmet is the best purchase that you can have. Perfect for some suitable TIG welding, you can work better and longer. Although this is already a great choice, other brands are as equally competitive and reasonable as the HaloX.

If you are still welding helmet shopping, it would be good to include Lincoln Electric’s Viking 3350 to your options. If clarity is a top priority, then the lens of this helmet is almost perfect because of the use of 4C lens technology. Although unlike the HaloX, the Viking 3350 is not recommended for welding, you can count on both brands for their reliability, durability, and functionality.


One of the reasons why the Variable HaloX 46161 is such a great deal is its price. For a brand that is guaranteed to be one with the highest quality, you can purchase this for an average price.

Being one of the almost perfect welding helmets from the brand, this welding helmet provides you with the efficiency that you need. Like all the other helmets from Jackson, the features you get from this model, and the money that you need to invest in it is such a steal.

This is a significant investment, especially if you are involved in welding regularly. With a helmet like this, you can do better work while ensuring that your overall safety and well-being is still is secured.


Among all the helmets that Jackson Safety, this helmet is the best pick overall. Its features and design make it a great purchase. With it being compatible with other helmet shells like HLX 100 or other HSL 100 gives you that chance to customize it to your liking. You can also as quickly get replacement shells making this the most practical choice because you can keep the expenses to its minimum.

The price is also just right with the features that you get from the helmet. It is a good recommendation for newbies and professionals alike.


The Jackson Safety Insight Variable HaloX 46161 helmet is not just great on the price, but it is a superb helmet. Hands down it is a worthwhile purchase for anyone working with hot flames regularly. It is a welding helmet that will serve its purpose very well, and you’ll be happy with how it will make you better and safer while you’re at work.

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