Lincoln Electric 3350 Series Code Black Welding Helmet Review

Lincoln Electric made it a real good move when they released the Viking 3350 black welding helmet. This innovative welding helmet can allow you to use it in extended periods without the feeling of being burned and being drained physically. Welding work is tiring enough, but you can still stay comfortable with the correct set of gear and be precise with your work. Existing Viking users claim that it is one of the best welding helmets today, especially with its premium functional features that work effortlessly.

Best Features

Optical Clarity – Undoubtedly, Lincoln Electric’s Viking has the best visual clearness compared to its competitors. In all four optical categories, it scores a perfect 10. The Viking’s clarity is unparalleled by class, angle dependence luminous transmission, luminous transmittance variation, and diffusion.

The reason behind its superb optics is the use of 4C lens technology that enhances the visibility of the helmet while maintaining the green shade glow to a bare minimum. This will give you the least eye strain, which allows you to work at ease for hours.

This helmet’s viewing and display area are not the widest, but at 3.74 inches by 3.34 inches, it is practically sufficient already. You can see and keep track of your work and your surroundings more without the need to make so many adjustments or even move your head.

Newbies in welding who still struggle with visibility and even seasoned welders will like how much control this helmet provides. It provides that versatility that is important when you are working with hot and burning materials.

Protection Reliability – safety is a primary reason why in the welding industry, a helmet is required. You won’t need to question if this helmet can protect you because it is more than capable. It comes with four sensors that ensure that you don’t experience any blind spots while working. Like most helmets today, it comes with its version of auto-darkening shade that can darken in 1/25,000 seconds. This is almost unnoticeable and won’t interrupt your work.

This welding also comes with a series of sensitivity settings that range between DIN5 to DIN13, so any welding assignments except for extremely low powered TIG uses can be done using the same helmet. This makes it a practical security gear because you don’t need to stop and switch helmets, causing you to lose momentum with your work.

Additionally, this helmet also comes with a grind mode that gives you the appropriate shading level so you can have 100% clarity all the time.

Reliable durability – in the world of welding and other related jobs, investing in tools and gears is almost the way to go. You want to have your equipment to do the job better, and this helmet is an excellent investment. The materials used are resilient and trustworthy. You can expect this to be your staple welding helmet for years and years to come.

Another reason why this makes a significant investment is that it uses solar batteries that can be replaced. As an additional bonus, most welding jobs are done outside under direct sunlight, so while you’re working, you are also allowing your battery to charge. You might not even need to replace it because of all the stored energy from the sun that you can get. Your welding helmet will always be ready to be used without putting in additional cost on your part.

Light and Comfort Built – working for long hours mean that you need your helmet to be as light as possible. You don’t need the additional weight on your head while dealing with high temperatures.

The last thing you want to deal with endlessly is neck fatigue, and the good news is, the Viking 3350 is known for being lightweight. It is comfortable to use, and you can adjust it so it can snugly fit your head. You can also modify the distance between the mask and your face so you won’t feel pressed even if you are wearing prescription glasses.

Things to Know

The Viking 3350’s small drawback is it requires a battery to work, and thankfully, there is one battery included on the package. Some accessories like the inside clear optic lens and the outside cover lens need to be sold separately. This is also not your best option if you do a lot of TIG welding works.

Best Comparison

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is one of the top choices for that reliable and dependable welding helmet. However, some other brands and models are equally good and can be more fit to your needs. Another brand that you can consider when weighing in your options is the 3M 9100 Welding Helmet.

This helmet is ideal for all types of welding jobs. You can use this single protective gear without any problems regardless if you are doing TIG, flux core, or anywhere in between. The reaction time of this helmet is also impressive. It can go from light to dark in just a matter of 0.10 milliseconds. This is one of the edges of the 3M Speedglas welding helmet 9100 over other brands on the market.


This helmet from Lincoln Electric is very professional and high end. For seasoned professionals, the price is reasonable because of all the premiums that you get from it. Unfortunately, it might be considered a little costly for beginners.

Looking closely, though, it is a well-built helmet, and the clarity alone has a hefty price tag to pay, so you are getting your money’s worth in every single aspect.

You have the option to go for cheaper priced helmets instead of the is professional-grade gear because of the savings that you can have. But most likely, you’ll end up with more expenses in the future, not to mention a lot of eye strain and neck fatigue.

The price speaks for the quality and advantages that you get out of this helmet, and it is worth it.


With an optical accuracy close to perfection, a comfortable and functional, and durable material, this is the best helmet you can get to make your work easier and your output superb.

This helmet is designed to ease your work as much as it can. With its clarity alone, you get that advantage over other colleagues and become better with your work without compromising your safety and comfort. It is highly recommended and an excellent purchase for anyone involved in welding.


This helmet is equipped with everything that you’ll ever need. It gives you protection, durability, quality, and comfort in a single headgear. If your work demands you to be joining metal for 40 hours per week, this is the helmet. It is very seldom that you find a welding helmet that will make you stop because this is the only one that you’ll ever need.

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